Our Story

Our Story

From a Personalized "Action" Photo Plaque to a "One Stop" Personalization Company

I was born in 1981, the same year my father, Ed Hale, started Action Awards.

In the beginning, my father was offering "Action" photos of athletes or employees adhered to a wood plaque with a personalized engraved plate.  He was the first in the area providing this "decoupage" service with photos, and it turned out to be a hit!

As these photo plaques grew in demand, so did the product offering.  It wasn't long that Action Awards was offering Trophies, Medallions, Corporate Plaques, Ribbons, and Name Badges.  With each new product offered, the door opened to a new client, a new relationship.  From 1,200 square feet, over 100,000 awards were created and distributed to the local area annually.

Along came the 90's and the tech boom was born.  My Dad saw the opportunity to have a "Web" presence, and www.actionawardsinc.com was born!  This opened up the business to not only serve local markets, but now extend our offerings to all individuals who had online access.

Since then, Action Awards has moved into a larger store front and production location to service clients in all 50 U.S. States.  We've built a supply chain that allows us to personalize and ship over 90% of our catalog within 24-48 hours.

As demand for our products and services grow, we will never forget the personal "Photo" plaques that started this journey, and we will continue to put all of the attention and care it took to complete those awards in every item we currently offer today.

Thank you for visiting Action Awards,

Michael Hale 
Action Awards




Ed Hale, President of Action Awards (Left) with son Michael Hale, Vice-President (Right)


Proud Recipients of the Small Business of the Month in the Largest County in the U.S., San Bernardino County.  Awarded October 2011
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