7" x 9" Full Color Team Plaques


Introducing our 7" x 9" Black Wood Finish Team Plaque – the perfect tribute for coaches and teams! Crafted with care, this elegant plaque combines classic aesthetics with modern customization options. Here’s why it’s a winning choice:

  1. Personalization: This plaque allows you to upload your very own team photo and logo. Imagine the pride of seeing your team’s smiling faces or triumphant moments captured forever on this polished wood plaque.

  2. Team Spirit: The customization completes your award, protecting your cherished team picture and logos. Whether it’s a championship win, a memorable season, or a heartfelt thank-you to a coach, this plaque celebrates team spirit.

  3. Quality Craftsmanship: The black wood finish exudes sophistication, making it suitable for any setting – from sports halls to office walls. The beveled frame adds a touch of elegance, while the polished surface ensures lasting beauty!

  4. Free Setup and Personalization: We believe in making things easy for you. Our graphic experts will customize your plaque with care, ensuring it reflects your sentiments perfectly. Just specify your requests in the Free Engraving Text box or e-mail to orders@actionawardsinc.com after checkout with your order number referenced in subject line.

Whether it’s honoring a championship-winning coach, celebrating a successful season, or expressing gratitude, our 7" x 9" Black Wood Finish Team Plaque is a timeless keepsake that captures the essence of teamwork. Order yours today and let the memories shine!