Gold Plated Color Printed Plaque


Elegant is the only term that one can use when describing these Full Color Plaque Awards. A new finish that incorporates a beautiful black, cherry, blue, red, or green wood finish background, the Gold Metal finish with black text allows you to upload a full color logo and completes this award perfectly.  Flexibility is a key component for these awards that come in your choice of seven sizes 5" x 7"(SUB57). 6" x 8"(SUB68), 7" x 9"(SUB79), 8" x 10"(SUB810), 9" x 12"(SUB912), 10 1/2" x 13"(SUB1013) and 12" x 15"(SUB1215). These are beautiful awards that anyone would be proud to give or receive.

Simply hit the upload button and attach your logo.  We'll take care of the rest, it's that easy!

Production lead time for this award is 2-3 days.